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long time no post

i know, i know, it’s been quite a while as i was busy, sick aaaaand working on something new. new blog. yes. so please hang in there.

in the meantime – enjoy your summer


mucho love, karline.

all eyes on “lorde”

she is only 17 years old but definately has found her own style and has a unique, beautiful voice! i love the song and also the video! her ep “the love club” is available on itunes and worth getting! pretty sure this is only the beginning for that young artist!


guess everybody wants to be a hiphopsuperstar ;)

all eyes on corby tindersticks!

i discovered “corby tindersticks” in a magazine and immediately loved it. it is a pretty new label, launched at the beginning of 2012, that makes very cute clothes for children aged 0-5 but also supercute toys (they actually caught my attention in the first place)or better said something that is a mix of a doll, cuddly toy and a cushion! actually you can say a “three in one toy” ;) all of them have they very own character as they are all lovingly handmade. that makes them very special:

but as mentioned before the clothing is cute too! :

“for yorkshire-born designer carly gledhill, the label initially forged as a necessity for a creative outlet, which developed to an alternate imaginative world, fully populated by a host of colorful characters and idiosyncratic personalities”

what i really appreciate about the brand is that all of the garments are printed and manufactured in the uk using oeko-tex certified cotton. i just love when consciousness meets design and a sense for what makes things special. “corby tindersticks” says: “being kind to the earth and your skin is a must in the land of tindersticks!” couldn’t agree more ;)

you can go and shop “corby tinder sticks” HERE

it’s asparagus time!

i love asparagus. and lentils. so i wanted to make a fresh spring salad that has both in it. i actually really like what came out. i call it “spring asparagus lentil salad with pistacchio herb dressing

approx for 4:

1 cup green lentils

1 bunch green asparagus

1 pear

1/4 of a little radicchio salad

50 gramm cerron cheese (or pecorino)

for the dressing:

1 bunch parsley

1/3 bunch cilantro

1/4 cup of unsalted pistacchios

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

150 ml oliveoil


cook the lentils with double amount of water. cut the asparagus in big pieces and cook. when both is done (takes about 20 to thirty min) rinse with cold water so it cools down. put it in a big bowl. cut the pear into small cubes. cut the cheese also in small cubes – a bit smaller than the pear. cut the radicchio into thin strips. put everything in the bowl. put everything for the dressing in a mixer ( leave away the hard stalks of the parsly and cilantro. you can ad the thin ones though) and mix. pour the dressing on the salad, mix well and enjoy! ;)

spring outfit

i have written about the “h&m all for children collection” a while ago. i was overwhelmed how cute the whole collection was and got actually a lot of it. one of the pieces was the jacket noonie is wearing on the picture. it might be my favorite piece of the whole collection ( but then again everything is so sweet…;) ) and i just couldn’t wait for that long, long winter to go by and that noonie could finally wear it. well, time has come. and i have to admit i wish they would have made the jacket for adults too ;)

scarf: from india; jacket: h&m all for children; dress: soft gallery; tights: start rite; shoes: jordans;

it’s ice cream time!

this is so sweet. i saw the “melissa&doug scoop and stack ice cream cone set” and thought my daughter would love it!  naturally kids love ice cream – can’t blame them – so how great is it for them to have their sweet own set. The set features two magnetic scoopers, four scoops of favorite ice cream flavors and wooden cones. and a cute plastic container where you can store the ice cream scoops. so lovely, i think at one point i have to get this for my daughter because i just know she would love it so much! and your child will not only have hours of fun imaginative play but also can train its fine-motoric ;)

evian did it again

love it! not my water though. but they sure make good commercials. ;)

so funny!

you have to check this one out. it’s hilarious! and it is so true at the same time. love it!

kids know it best!

what a great little dude. sometimes kids can answer questions better than any grownup could. they just have a totally different matter of course. i love that.